Open Letter to Senator Mitt Romney – Carbon Emissions Are Not The Problem, Egregious Mainstream Media Bias Is The Problem

The following is verbatim to what I sent to Senator Mitt Romney earlier today, albeit without the embedded web links which Senate contact forms do not permit.

Subject: Rather than carbon tax advocacy, please support climate science debate first

Senator Romney,

I was disappointed to learn about your interview with E&E News yesterday where you openly suggested carbon taxes was a way to reduce carbon emissions. With all due respect, there are only essentially two kinds of people on Earth: skeptics of the idea of man-caused catastrophic global warming, and those who’d become skeptical of that notion after taking the time to familiarize themselves with the breadth of material offered by PhD-level climatologists and atmospheric physicists who dispute the findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is my educated guess that you have almost no familiarity with such scientists at all. Please start with the multi-volume reports found at “Climate Change Reconsidered,” where a simple internet search of that title will lead straight into those. Further, don’t hesitate in the least to have your staff contact the scientists lead authors/contributors to those volumes, or other skeptic scientists your staff may find concerning recent situations such as the tornadoes in the Midwest, who’d be more than glad to tell you a side of the issue which the mainstream media steadfastly refuses to share.

If you aren’t aware of it, President Trump’s Senior Director for Emerging Technologies at the NSC, Dr Will Happer, is moving ahead with a climate science review panel which will, for the first time in the history of the global warming issue, actually have a public fair-and-balanced discussion of the issue. Simply look into the news reporting of this development to see how the far-left is vilifying Dr Happer, and you’ll have a better comprehension of what eco groups, the mainstream media, and far-left enviro-activists have to fear about this panel review. From that search you may discover how Dr Happer was ambushed by a member of Greenpeace within the Senate hearing room in late 2015 moments before he was to testify as Senator Ted Cruz’s expert witness, where the ambusher sought to confront him about ‘an oil company secretly funding Happer’s work.’ Greenpeace botched that effort, because their sting didn’t include their fake company asking Dr Happer to knowingly lie in exchange for any money he’d receive. Go one step further to see if any opponents of skeptics has ever once provided the public with evidence that fossil fuel company executives conspire with skeptic climate scientists to spread lies undercutting the so-called certainty of man-caused global warming. I’m confident you won’t find any such conspiracy, but will instead find the hard-to-miss efforts of a clique of enviro-activists spreading misinformation about the credibility of skeptic climate scientists. From that search, you may even find that the former Vice Chair of the IPCC once sought to impugn a skeptic scientist’s seminar presentation by saying it was ‘disinformation financed by the fossil fuel industry,’ and that very situation itself should then be more than enough to indicate how the IPCC side of the issue is petrified about engaging in debate.

The global warming is a dead issue, it was D.O.A. when it first started back in the late ’80s at the hands of skeptic climate scientists. After his August 1997 vacation-time reading of a global warming book titled “The Heat is On,” President Bill Clinton could have ultimately prompted the same climate review panel that President Trump is now advocating, from simply starting to question the “Pulitzer winner” label attributed to the author of that book. Other such opportunities have been missed, and thus the issue has been kept alive the whole time in zombie-like fashion through fake news mainstream media reporting. It’s why the issue is now larger than any esoteric science discussions, as a window into the world of what’s massively wrong with the MSM. They only detail half of the science, and never investigate myriad fatal faults in the widespread accusation about skeptic climate scientists being ‘on the payroll of Big Oil and Coal.’

We look to leaders to solve problems. The global warming issue is not a problem; the mainstream media’s egregious bias on this issue and other issues is an existential threat to the well-being of the country. You can be that leader by joining President Trump, and by placing your focus on where the real political problem is in America today.