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I have written approximately 70 pieces so far about Ross Gelbspan and the false accusation that skeptic climate scientists are paid to lie about global warming. They appear on numerous web sites and are presented here in the following order:

American Thinker
Red State
Other Web Sites
PBS Ombudsman Letters

American Thinker:

  1. The Lack of Climate Skeptics on PBS’s ‘NewsHour’” The first piece I wrote when I began looking into this situation, online December 29, 2009
  2. Smearing Global Warming Skeptics” July 6, 2010, my first detailing the myriad problems with the Ross Gelbspan / Ozone Action accusation of skeptic scientists
  3. The Left and Its Talking Points” July 29, 2010, about the ‘JournoList’ similarity of the accusation, and a quantification of the bias against skeptic scientists at the PBS NewsHour
  4. The iceberg treatment” August 10, 2010, on Rep Ed Markey’s “Deniersberg”, and the lack of answers from the PBS NewsHour
  5. Pelosi funding accusation about mosque the same tactic used against warming skeptics” August 20, 2010, about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call to investigate protesters of the Ground Zero NYC mosque is thought by some to be a good tactic
  6. Silencing global warming critics” August 26, 2010, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ new efforts to create an intimidation system against certain journalists, contrasted with their 1998 efforts to thwart the petition of skeptic scientists
  7. Warmist Slander of Scientific Skeptics” September 15, 2010, where Jane Mayer’s New Yorker article about the Koch Brothers isn’t a new exposé, but is instead has elements tied to the same single accusation originating with Gelbspan / Ozone Action
  8. The Curious History of ‘Global Climate Disruption’” October 4, 2010, on John Holdren’s and Jane Lubchenco’s 1997 ties to Ozone Action
  9. Supreme Court to Hear Global Warming Case” December 8, 2010, describing how a lawyer in one of the global warming nuisance cases tie into this entire skeptic smear situation
  10. The Case of the Curious Climate Covenant” December 18, 2010, about how a member of Ozone Action is very likely responsible for the spread of the accusation against skeptic scientists into major church organizations.
  11. Leftist media in full court press backing warmism” January 3, 2011, with a short narrative about the way a new ‘complaint’ against the media by an AGW believer is not really new at all
  12. Two states bail out of global warming lawsuit” March 15, 2011, on three news items lost among other more spectacular news, that may end up having a much larger impact than most would guess
  13. Google to fight global warming ‘ignorance’” March 21, 2011, where I describe the irony in the Google organization’s attempt to ‘inform’ the public about the issue, compared to how the public actually informs themselves
  14. Warmist Mantra Wearing Out” May 9, 2011, concerning what looks like a former Minnesota TV anchorman adopting Gelbspan’s 15-year old talking point as his own ‘discovery’, and how the repetition of it may lead to the collapse of AGW when more people start to ask if this whole mantra has evidence to support it
  15. There is a Cancer Growing on the IPCC and Al Gore” June 19, 2011, reveals that two people involved with the IPCC were also direct participants in the smear of skeptic scientists
  16. PBS and Global Warming Skeptics’ Lockout”  August 18, 2011, where direct questions to the PBS NewsHour about skeptic scientists are met with evasive answers
  17. Climate Science and Corruption” August 30, 2011, on the appearance problems with IPCC Vice Chair Jean-Pascal van Ypersele being commissioned by Greenpeace to write a paper while he was rising in the ranks of the IPCC, compared to him relying on unsupportable claims that a skeptic scientist is corrupt
  18. White House Involved in Warmist Smear Campaign” November 18, 2011, a follow-up to my new discovery regarding the story I told last year in the above October 4, 2010 “Curious History of Global Climate Disruption” & August 26, 2010 “Silencing global warming critics” pieces
  19. Fakegate Opens a Door” February 28, 2012, pointing out troubling associations between Gelbspan and a current attempt to smear skeptic scientists, asking if this isn’t one-and-the-same effort
  20. Global Warming’s Killer: Critical Thinking”  June 18, 2012, basically a comparison of the way tough questioning shows what’s wrong with not only claims about climate conditions, but also what’s wrong with the accusation that skeptic scientists are corrupt
  21. ‘Trust Us, Skeptics Are Crooks’” April 5, 2013, a primer of how the long-term accusation against skeptic scientists is not only a fundamentally anti-science effort, but is also nonsense when no evidence is offered to prove it
  22. Jumping the Shark on Global Warming” August 30, 2013 (also reproduced at Anthony Watts’ WUWT as “The PBS NewsHour paints itself into a corner“), in which the basic question must be asked whether the exclusion of skeptic scientists from news outlet guest appearances is driven by journalists perceiving them to be unworthy fossil fuel industry shills
  23. Smearing Climate Skeptics” March 27, 2014, drawing attention to the ways the Gelbspan-Gore accusation fails, which in turn imperils the whole so-called global warming crisis
  24. Those scientists who want to use RICO to prosecute AGW ‘deniers’ have a big problem”  October 1, 2015, pointing out how the smear of skeptic climate scientists always leads back to just one person and his clique of enviro-activist friends
  25. Gore’s RICO-style Prosecution of Global Warming”Skeptics”  April 15, 2016, a review of elemental problems with the ‘industry-corrupted skeptic climate scientists’ accusation and how those relate to the latest efforts to suppress such critics
  26. ‘The Usual Suspects’ in the Persecution of Global Warming Skeptics”  April 22, 2016, a follow-up on the above article, after I spotted 3 individuals involved in the latest “let’s-nail-Exxon-in-2016” efforts who I’ve already covered on several occasions
  27. The Greens versus ‘Big Oil’”  October 6, 2017, a shorter version of my same-day “People of the State of California v. BP P.L.C. et al.” GelbspanFiles blog post

* A word about AmericanThinker: it’s a website featuring a huge number of contributors who speak on myriad issues while citing a variety of news sources / experts. Not everybody is perfect, and occasionally ill-advised pieces are put online there. Being among the contributors there does not mean I endorse every piece there, e.g. this 10/15/22 piece containing what I consider to be outright anti-science/anti-intellectual conspiracy theory drivel about “chemtrails.” I did my best to prompt a pro-science rebuttal piece from my expert atmospheric physicist Friends.


  1. How an Enviro-Advocacy Group Propped Up Global Warming in the MSM” November 2 2010, on one suggestion of what a soon-to-be GOP US House-chaired committee could investigate
  2. Global Warming Nuisance Lawsuits Are Based on a Fatal Flaw” November 27 2010, about problems the three major global warming lawsuits have when they are associated with Ross Gelbspan
  3. The Far-left ‘Jumps the Shark’ over Tucson Tragedy” January 12, 2011 – although the title might appear to be on a different topic, it pertains to the smear of skeptic scientists when the mainstream media’s hypocritical treatment of the Giffords shooting showcases how wrongful characterization of opposing viewpoints is no less than an agenda to silence criticism
  4. NPR Credibility Meltdown Shows Critical Problem in Mainstream Media Global Warming Bias”  March 9, 2011, about the troubling ways in which Ross Gelbspan ties into NPR radio broadcasts and the larger implications of media bias on global warming
  5. Will MSM Look into the Global Warming Abyss and Find Their Character?” June 7th 2011, illustrating how the reaction of a newspaper editor to my story tips on this specific topic is an indicator of the huge dilemma facing the mainstream media

Red State:

  1. Does a huge lapse in mainstream media reporting allow the global warming crisis to stay alive?” January 28, 2011, basically a summary for readers unfamiliar about the smear, how concentrated its origins are, and why that unnoticed problem is a leadership opportunity for GOP politicians
  2. Global Warming Alarmist ambushes Sen. Inhofe – can the alarmist withstand a congressional ambush on him?” February 16, 2011, detailing how Inhofe’s ‘ambusher’ has ties to the smear going back to 1997
  3. Forget the Science; Is Al Gore’s Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists a Hoax?” June 15, 2011, where the Al Gore accusation contradiction becomes apparent in a chronology of his quotes, and how his initial clash with skeptic scientists may be a result of a 1992 article he didn’t want the public to know about
  4. Pt II: Is Gore’s Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists Still a Hoax?” June 22, 2011, in which we see Al Gore strangely contradicting his accusation for the second time in his June 22 Rolling Stone article
  5. The Great Global Warming Ponzi Scheme” August 17, 2011,  describing how a magazine’s review of a book on the perils of global warming instead reveals how endless the smear of skeptic scientists has been and how singular its source is
  6. Global Warming: Lucky to be Alive – Harder Scrutiny May Kill it Outright” June 14, 2012, a much shorter version of the article seen at the #20 American Thinker spot, originally intended for publication at the Washington Examiner
  7. Open letter to California Gov Jerry Brown: Prove Your Accusation Against Skeptic Climate Scientists” August 14, 2012, showing how the central point of the old ‘tobacco industry parallel’ from 1992 is regurgitated by no less than a major politician
  8. Mainstream Media Malfeasance Showcased in Benghazi, Global Warming Reporting. Where’s Woodward & Bernstein?” December 3, 2012, comparing missing bits of information in an unrelated issue to make the point about 9 specific items in the smear of skeptics which ought to prompt reporters to ask tough questions
  9. Flip Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Against Far-Left Activists: A Global Warming Case Study for Not being Polite Anymore” October 29th, 2013, telling how the incessant repetition of the ‘corrupt funding’ accusation warrants a response placing the accusers into an indefensible position


  1. Al Gore’s current marital breakdown & ‘other’ difficulties may be the LEAST of his problems” July 2, 2010, intended to be a companion piece to my American Thinker “Smearing Global Warming Skeptics”, but with information that was not in that article due to length limits [5/7/14 update: click on the link above, and you’ll see how it sends you to what formerly was a fully functioning Internet Archive page not all that long ago. But now, views of the old page are blocked, apparently because the current owner of the “ClimateGate Country Club” domain name (with its Japanese language content about hair loss) has recently placed a Robots.text file on it that specifically prevents the Internet Archive site from viewing the old CGCC web page content. I neglected to save a personal copy of my CGCC piece, but fear not, internet content never disappears, there is a copy out there somewhere.]
  2. Unending Problems with Accusations Against Skeptic Scientists – When Anyone Digs Into Them” August 12, 2010, my initial effort to shed light on why Gelbspan’s infamous “reposition” phrase is incorrectly attached to unrelated organizations [5/7/14 update: see note above.]
  3. “Editor Claims NewsHour Reports Fairly on Global Warming – Where’s the Proof?”* August 9, 2011, a ‘part 1’ blog about the manner in which a top person at the NewsHour sidestepped my questions (*reproduction of the entire article here, since the original CGCC one and internet cache variations don’t work)
  4. “Editor Claims NewsHour Reports Fairly on Global Warming – Where’s the Proof? Pt II”** August 10, 2011, same as above, but the editor’s email is two years later. Both of these blogs are necessary support material to my August 18, 2011 American Thinker article (**reproduction of the entire article here, since the original CGCC one and internet cache variations don’t work)

  1. Global Warming Promoters’ Unsustainable Accusation Tactic” May 26, 2011, a primer on how anybody can look into this facet of the issue and ask their own tough questions
  2. ‘Media Too Fair to Climate Skeptics’, say reporters who’ve been unfair to skeptics” June 2, 2011, adding on to two previous short blogs about why claims of ‘unnecessary media balance’ toward skeptic scientists has huge problems associated with it


  1. The End is Near for Faith in AGW” June 25, 2011, where I describe what the barrier has been that’s prevented the public from learning about skeptic scientists, and how fragile that barrier is
  2. The OTHER problem with the Lewandowsky paper and similar ‘skeptic’ motivation analysis: Core premise off the rails about fossil fuel industry corruption accusation” September 11, 2012, which shows repeated citations of Gelbspan in psycho-analysis papers that claim to explain what motivates skeptics to be so wrong about AGW
  3. Frontline responds to complaints about Oct 23 “Climate of Doubt”: Here, the Rebuttal to Frontline that PBS Ombudsman Won’t Put Online” November 17, 2012, regarding my criticisms to the Ombudsman about the program, Frontline’s official response, and my rejected reply (a variant of this is linked to down at the #8 spot in my “My letters to the PBS Ombudsman” section)
  4. Dr. Willie Soon Guest Comment: ‘Is What I Say Beyond the Boundaries of Reasonable Discussion?’” July 26, 2013, which is a reproduction of the guest comment piece I assembled for Dr Soon right here, where he wanted to showcase the sheer folly of his critics resorting to character assassination to support AGW rather than dispute his science assessments.
  5. Ross Gelbspan’s disappearing act of inconvenient climate dialog” December 5, 2013, WUWT’s reblog of my GelbspanFiles piece about material disappearing from Gelbspan’s site not long after I had pointed it out
  6. Union of Concerned Scientists – hoisted on their own petard” July 9, 2015, where the UCS organization tips their hand about their enslavement to the same old ‘smoking gun’ non-evidence for skeptic climate scientists’ “guilt”

Other web sites:

  1. Turning the tables on the accusers of skeptic scientists” July 7, 2010, telling how I got started in this situation, concluding with the idea of turning the accusation back on the accusers
  2. The con-senseless for global warming media coverage” August 4, 2010, why claims of too many skeptics in the media is riddled with problems
  3. But wait, there’s more: The Boykoff / Gelbspan circle in the con-senseless global warming media coverage” August 4, 2010, my discovery later the same day of a circular reference
  4. Has the Mainstream Media Trusted Enviro-activists for Advice on Listening to Skeptic Scientists?”  August 23, 2010, is a chronology of the overall smear campaign, including its initial ’91 to ’95 unsuccessful period
  5. Circuitous attempts to smear AGW skeptic scientists” August 29, 2010, about what happened when one of my articles was reproduced at a different web site, and how a critic inadvertently undermined his own cause
  6. SplatterGate: When Greenpeace is given lemons, they make lemonade” October 5, 2010, how Greenpeace revealed their AGW agenda to seemingly be a one-trick pony
  7. Is the ‘Columbo of climate change’ someone who would rather avoid Columbo-like questions?” December 11, 2010, the irony of Ross Gelbspan being compared to a fictional TV investigator
  8. Are Skeptic Scientists Corrupt? Or Does the Accusation Fall Apart Under Hard Scrutiny?” February 17, 2011, my multipage paper in PDF file form at the Science & Public Policy Institute on the smear.
  9. Climate Depot Exclusive: Smearing Skeptic Scientists: What did Gore know and when did he know it?” May 23, 2011, in which I explain how Gore’s multi-year claim about Gelbspan is contradicted by what he wrote in his 1992 “Earth in the Balance” book
  10. Monumental fault in manmade global warming notion hiding in plain sight” December 24, 2011, basically an overview of how much of a problem the mainstream media’s failure to report the skeptic side of the story is.
  11. In Case of Heart[land] Attack, Break Glass” February 19, 2012, prominently missing from analysis of the Heartland Institute “FakeGate” controversy is the individual featured in so many of my pieces here.
  12. “PBS NewsHour: Climate Central a “research organization”; Sorry, no. They advocate solving man-caused global warming” March 23, 2012, about the troubling ways in which Ross Gelbspan ties into a “news / research” organization the Newshour relies on
  13. On the Public’s Perception of Global Warming: Not as ‘Dumb’ as Some Believe” August 9, 2012 (PDF file of my 3-page paper here), expanding on the “Google misperception” I noted in my #13 American Thinker piece, by telling how the public is standing certain AGW assertions on their heads
  14. Al Gore: Arguing for censorship in 1992 (a blast from the UK media past)” February 25, 2013, basically a follow-up to another blogger’s piece where he had elevated my comments into the main body of his blog, “Stephen Schneider: Arguing for censorship in 1992” – all of which concerns early efforts to marginalize skeptics.
  15. Revisiting IPCC Official’s ‘North Pole Melts after 50 million-year Freeze’; That’s Not his Only Problem.” October 18, 2013, on problems with Gelbspan and the person who supposedly steered him into investigating the funding of skeptic climate scientists
  16. Holding the media & regulatory officials accountable: How private citizens can actively participate in the global warming issue” July 23, 2014 (presented live on July 8, 2014), my first public talk about the basic faults of the ‘corruption accusation’ against skeptics, and the failure of the mainstream media to report such problems
  17. Merchants of Smear” September 19, 2014, my multipage paper in PDF file form at the Heartland Institute on character assassination efforts against skeptic climate scientists.
  18. Religious Dilemma: Breaking the 9th Commandment or ‘Saving the Planet’” July 18, 2017, turning the so-called moral imperative directed at Christians to stop global warming on its head concerning false accusations against skeptic climate scientists.

PBS Ombudsman Letters:

  1. December 17, 2009, scroll down to the heading “Hot About Warming”
  2. March 18, 2010, scroll down to “More on Climate Change”
  3. September 13, 2010, scroll down to the 2nd letter under “More on Koch”
  4. December 22, 2010, scroll down to the 2nd letter under “Global Warming, or Not?”
  5. February 11, 2011, scroll down to the 2nd letter under “The Greely Expedition”
  6. September 22, 2011, scroll down to the 2nd letter under “On Recent Columns”
  7. December 14, 2011, scroll down to “The Relentless Russell Cook and Other Voices”
  8. November 5, 2012, scroll down to “Letter from Russell Cook” (… but wait, there’s more here“)
  9. December 2, 2014, scroll down to the 2nd letter under “Critical of Segment”
  • August 24, 2011 – not numbered in this case because the reference is to a letter somebody else wrote which cited my Aug 18, 2011 article at American Thinker – scroll down to the headline “Cook’s Tour of PBS and Climate Change”

Note:  All of the above originally was posted at a now long-gone website, where I was permitted to guest post about my work – this is the last-functioning archive page of it before the site was shut down.