NewsHour Global Warming Bias Tally, Updated 9/30/21: 85 to 0

As of 9/30/21, the bias ratio now stands at 85 governmental agency scientists (IPCC / NASA / NOAA, agreeing with the idea of catastrophic man-caused global warming) to zero scientists from the skeptic side, resulting from Don Wuebbles’ brief September 28, 2021 taped appearance — red-highlighted within the IPCC section below.

All updates here are red-highlighted for ease of finding them.

This page features just the bias ratio tally and brief reference links to directly related NewsHour biased reporting analysis. The prior lengthy paragraph setup/update descriptions is at the archive page I created here.

As of this latest update, going back to the 1996 start of the NewsHour’s previously seen online archives for “Environment” and “Climate Change” (both “not found” some time after January 2014), the program has had direct discussions or prominent mentions of the global warming topic approximately 1156 times, in which only seven of those featured any semblance of purely science points from the skeptical side of the issue, and none of those came from scientists.

At some future time, I’ll have a PDF file link or some other text file here documenting this overall bias ratio on global warming reporting at the NewsHour, consisting of weblinks to full context NewsHour broadcast transcripts along with key transcript sentences. I began that quantity count in 2010 as evidence to cite within an AmericanThinker article, and added to it ever since, but there’s a glitch because the NewsHour’s change in web format in 2014 caused all of its prior broadcast transcript pages to have nonfunctional weblinks, and I need to replace my file’s links with either Internet Archive versions what whatever the NewsHour’s new variants are, which looks to be a huge chore.


IPCC scientist appearances = 57  NASA = 19 NOAA = 9.  85 total. Skeptic scientists = 0

Michael Oppenheimer – 19: November 10, 1997;  #1 February 2, 2007, #2 April 6, 2007; #3 October 12, 2007; #4 November 19, 2007; #5 December 15, 2008; #6 November 25, 2009; #7 December 9, 2010 #8 Dec. 10, 2010; #9 Sept. 27, 2013; #10 March 31, 2014; #11 November 12, 2014; #12 January 14, 2015; #13 December 2, 2015; #14 May 31, 2017; #15 December 29, 2017; #16 November 23, 2018; #17 April 10, 2019; #18 September 25, 2019; #19 August 9, 2021
Stephen Schneider – 3: #1 March 28, 2001; #2 April 6, 2007 (in brief lead-in quote); #3 March 26, 2008
Kevin Trenberth – 4: #1 December 4, 1997; #2 February 2, 2007; #3 July 2, 2012; #4 November 12, 2013
Joel Smith – 1: April 6, 2007
Steve Running – 1: October 31, 2008
Richard Alley – 1: December 2, 2015
Scott Barrett – 1: December 2, 2015 (who was additionally offered the opportunity to write an online column for the Newshour)
Patricia Romero Lankao – 1: March 31, 2014
Robert Stavins – 2: #1 April 15, 2014; #2 6/6/19 (While not an actual climate scientist, Stavins is identified in his 2014 appearance as a Harvard University environmental economist who was a co-author of an IPCC report. Stavins has previously had the titles “Coordinating Lead Author” / “Lead Author” of IPCC reports. No full disclosure mention is made of his IPCC association in his 6/6/19 appearance.)
Kristie Ebi / Jonathan Patz – 1: December 24, 2009 Both are identified as IPCC scientists, albeit offering brief comments much like Dr Schneider’s #2 appearance above, thus I combine them into one entry.
Sebastian Mernild – 1: May 29, 2017. Dr Mernild is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but he is easily found as a contributing author to the IPCC’s 2011 AR5 Chapter 13 (line 17 here), and he says as much at his own site along with being a contributor to an NOAA report.
Marshall Shepherd – 1: August 30, 2017. While not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, Dr Shepherd fits the bill as either a NASA or NOAA scientist from his own bio page, but I place him here since he also states he was a contributing author to the IPCC’s 2007 AR4 report.
Kerry Emanuel – 3: #1 August 30, 2017. Dr Emanuel’s affiliation with the IPCC is not mentioned in this NewsHour segment, nor is he readily found described that way elsewhere, but his contributions to the IPCC are seen here as a contributing author in the IPCC AR5, here as an author/expert reviewer in the AR3, and also in search results for his name within IPCC material; #2 January 10, 2018 ; #3 October 9, 2019 .
Laura Gallardo – 1June 26, 2018. While not mentioned in this appearancd as having any association with the IPCC, it isn’t difficult to find Dr Gallardo’s association where the results range from a service site reporting about the 2014 IPCC meeting showing her in a prominent photo, and her own university doing the same regarding that meeting, along with her being significantly mentioned in one IPCC document, along with being listed as a lead author in Chapter 6 of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Working Group I.
Michael Mann – 3: #1 August 6, 2018. Those who closely follow the global warming issue know of Dr Mann as being one of the more controversial members of the IPCC with his infamous “hockey stick” temperature graph, and form his comic attempt to claim a Nobel Prize win, an effort that was used at one time as a promotional tool ….. but the NewsHour has no mention of his IPCC association in this segment.  #2 Ditto, in his June 28, 2019 appearance. #3 Ditto, in his April 22, 2021 appearance.
James Kossin – 1: September 19, 2018. The NewsHour only identifies Dr. Kossin in this segment as atmospheric research scientist with a university, and says nothing about his IPCC association or with the NOAA.
Carlos Nobre – 1: October 4, 2018. The NewsHour only identifies Dr. Nobre in this segment as “Brazil’s leading climatologist.” He was a lead author for the 2007 IPCC report’s Chapter 13, and the National Academy of Sciences corroborates his IPCC association.
David Victor – 1: December 6, 2018. Dr Victor (PhD in Political Science) is not ID’d as an IPCC scientist, and while that label is a stretch itself, he is seen as a contributing author at the IPCC’s Third Assessment Report Working Group 3 “Mitigation” section, as well as being seen prominently in other IPCC publications.arance.
David Karoly – 1: February 5, 2020. Dr Karoly is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but he is easily found as a member of the “Core Writing Team” for the IPCC’s “Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report,” and is described within a Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) staff page as having “several different roles” within four IPCC reports.
David Holland – 1: February 19, 2020: Dr Holland is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but within the IPCC’s own documents, he is listed as a contributing author to one of its reports.
Patrick Gonzalez – 1: March 1, 2020: Dr Gonzalez is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but within the IPCC’s own documents, he is listed as a contributing author to one of its reports, and his own university trumpeted his selection by the IPCC as a Lead Author.
Ralph Keeling – 1: April 4, 2020. Dr Keeling is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but within the IPCC’s own documents, he is listed as a contributing author to one of its reports (the Draft version spells out his first name).
Philip Duffy – 1: April 4, 2020. Dr Duffy is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but his own resumé states that he was a contributing author to one of its reports, along with other IPCC-associated activity.
Merritt Turetsky – 1: June 25, 2020. Dr Turetsky is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, she is labeled as a contributing author in a 2019 IPCC Special Report.
Drew Shindell – 1: November 1, 2020. Dr Shindell is not identified as having an association with the IPCC in this NewsHour segment, but the IPCC itself labels him as a Coordinating Lead Author of at least two reports, as does Duke University’s bio page for him.
Alan Hamlet – 1: July 18, 2012: Dr Hamlet is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment, but within the IPCC 2004 Fourth Assessment Report, he is listed as a contributing author to Chapter 14.
Claudia Tebaldi – 1: September 12, 2021: Dr Tebaldi (her PhD is in Statistics) isn’t identified as being associated with the IPCC in this NewsHour segment, but the IPCC itself places her among Contributing Authors in its Fourth Assessment Report Chapter 2, and among Lead Authors in its Fifth Assessment Report Chapter 12, and her own National Center for Atmospheric Research CV confirms major additional IPCC associations.
 Don Wuebbles – 1: September 28, 2021: Regarding Dr Wuebbles’ brief taped comment, he was only identified as a “climate scientist and University of Illinois professor,” despite having a specific IPCC bio page devoted specifically to him and his contributions to the IPCC, which are extensive.

James Hansen – 1: August 6, 2012
Gavin Schmidt – 4: #1 January 16, 2015; #2 October 6, 2016; #3 October 8, 2018; #4 July 16, 2021
Bill Patzert – 1: April 6, 2016
Thomas Wagner – 2: July 25, 2012; #2 May 12, 2014
Radley Horton – 8: #1 June 21, 2017 (Dr Horton is not identified as such in this NewsHour segment or in his subsequent appearances, but his website’s bio and his CV details his NASA affiliation, along with an association with NOAA); #2 August 30, 2017 (partly re-seen during the year-end December 20, 2017 science discussion); #3 September 21, 2017; #4 November 3, 2017; #5 December 13, 2017; #6 January 10, 2018; #7 September 14, 2018 ; #8 November 26, 2019 .
Kelly Brunt – 1: #1 March 8, 2017 (rebroadcasted July 12, 2017 and partly re-seen for a third time during the year-end December 20, 2017 science discussion. Ms Brunt’s NASA affiliation was not noted within the NewsHour’s 12/20 online transcript. Technically, she’s had 3 NewsHour appearances.)
Jay Famiglietti – 1: March 31, 2018. Additionally, Famiglietti’s name is found more than once within IPCC publications, and his speaker’s bio page and UC Irvine bio both note his ‘contribution’ to the IPCC.
Kate Marvel – 1: February 24, 2019. (Dr Marvel is identified in the segment as an “associate research scientist at Columbia University”, but it strangely does not disclose that she also works at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. That’s the same organization headed by 4-time NewsHour guest Gavin Schmidt)

Tom Karl – 1: July 10, 2012
Randy Dole – 1: April 6, 2016
Thomas Peterson – 1: October 9, 2012
Stephanie Moore – 1: October 23, 2013
Bill Causey – 1: February 3, 2015
C. Mark Eakin – 1: March 22, 2017
Hal Needham – 2: September 19, 2018. In this segment, the NewsHour only identifies Dr. Hal Needham as a “hurricane scientist,” and says nothing about his association with the NOAA. The “About” page for his Marine Weather & Climate website notes he is the founder of that organization, and at the bottom of that same page, it notes his association with the NOAA-funded “Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program” (SCIPP). NOAA’s SCIPP page features Dr Needham’s name six times – here’s a screencapture of four of them – and the page also notes how SCIPP is a “team supported by the Climate Program Office at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).” When people see NOAA’s Climate Program Office page, there is no doubt that they support the IPCC side of the global warming issue (until directed otherwise under the Trump administration). And when people see an older SCIPP bio page for Dr Needham, you can’t miss the NOAA association in the top left corner; December 19, 2018.
David Easterling – 1: November 23, 2018