My Funding for 2018

Full disclosure guy, I am.

First, for easier viewing of anybody who’s interested in it, objectively or otherwise, I’ve re-categorized the posts here about my funding from the “Uncategorized” label to the “My Funding” label. Second, unlike the prior way of sending me my strings-free gift grants twice a year, the Heartland Institute has decided, for reasons they haven’t told me, to give me a grant this year all at once, for $12,000. It landed in my bank account yesterday. In the context of the way Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi characterized thousand dollar bonus gift amounts from employers to workers as “crumbs,” I will be paying my room & board with the moral equivalent of twelve such crumbs this year. The big difference here is that I absolutely, positively do not work for Heartland. I don’t work for anybody, I’m unemployed.

The assortment of critics who have glommed onto my work claim otherwise, in predictable fashion, while also predictably sidestepping challenges to put their money where their mouth is on such accusations. It appears, for people like that, an assertion is true if it sounds like it is true, not because it is actually proven to be true.

Wish me luck on other fundraising. I could use a new set of tires on my car and my current computer is now so hopelessly out of date that its web browser cannot be updated.