An Entertaining Interruption not Revisited

Loyal readers here might be wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks….

As noted in last August’s blog post, I’m just a bit more informed than the average citizen about where exactly the Colorado Gold King mine blowout was last year, from my annual vacation visits to that general area. While it had been somewhat in my plans to walk up to the mine during this year’s vacation a week ago today, I could see from across the valley a few days prior that new structures and some kind of vehicles were at the mine entrance, thus a walk up in that direction would likely have been a waste of time, particularly if unfriendly EPA people were there. So, I walked here instead (click on image to enlarge), where there was no news, no politics, and arguably, no global warming. Photo taken pretty much at this same hour of the afternoon one week ago today.


Meanwhile, it’s taken me a bit longer to get things reorganized upon arriving home, but stay tuned, the beatings here will continue until peace is achieved.