How do you prompt your Fellow Climate Scientists to discount other Scientist Critics?

Steer them to material which portrays those scientist critics as ‘paid shills who spew lies on behalf of planet-destroying industrialists.’

I stumble into things sometimes. Upon having the need to update my bias count ratio for the PBS NewsHour with a link to this discussion segment featuring a pair of scientists from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the name “Lamont-Doherty” was distinctive enough that I recognized it right away after subsequently running across Lamont-Doherty paleoceanographer/marine geologist Maureen Raymo in an entirely unrelated and rather spontaneously-chosen internet search.

Allow me to unfold it this way: Dr Raymo has her own personal website filled with pure science material. No indication of anything remotely political. If you plop the word “links” straight into the website address for her like this,, and then click on it to see what happens, you get a “not found” result.

But that doesn’t mean such a page at her site never existed. The Internet Archive organization captured what she used to have for her links page, dating from May 2012 and earlier. Who is prominently featured in her “Climate Research / Science Links” section, right above the suggestion to go see Al Gore’s science movie?

Ross Gelbspan, a journalist/activist committed to stopping global warming published a super book on the global climate crisis “The Heat is On”. He also maintains a web site The heat is online. See what he is up to.

The problem for Raymo doesn’t end here. Right above the blurb about Gelbspan is Dr Raymo’s suggestion to read Spencer Weart’s book and visit his website. Click on her old link to his site and it takes you to a place with a multitude of links. But click on the #2 link for Weart’s “The Public and Climate Change, part 2” section, and very deep into that, who do we see as his source about corporate interests skewing the issue via ‘unnecessary media balance?’ Ross Gelbspan. (for readers unaware of it, I dissected that latter wipeout here)

This links page by Raymo plausibly indicates how the suggestion about Gelbspan might have been infiltrated into Lamont-Doherty overall as the excuse for dismissing skeptic climate scientists out-of-hand. Minus any mention of problems with Ross Gelbspan’s “science expertise,” or that there might be any concern about Al Gore’s “science presentation,” of course. As I implied in an older blog post here, it’s equally plausible that this sort of endorsement is how the ‘crooked skeptics’ accusation was fed into the entire Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change effectively enough that the IPCC Vice Chair once said atmospheric physicist Dr S. Fred Singer was not to be trusted for that ‘corruption’ reason.

Interesting how Dr Raymo’s links page disappeared after May 2012. One more thing to file under “information burial” and under my blog category collection for anyone separated from Gelbspan’s accusation by three degrees or less.