The Rogue Electoral College Member and Supposedly Corrupt Skeptic Climate Scientists

What could that those two items possibly have in common – the news that avowed non-Trump electoral college voter Chris Suprun may have falsified his resumé, and the ‘industry corruption’ accusation hurled at skeptic scientists? The devil is in the fine details of how such messages are handled by public relations firms.

Most people would have missed a relatively small detail in the latest news about Suprun being apparently caught in acts of resumé embellishment, which also revealed that the PR firm he hired to handle all the media attention he’s receiving was created by a notorious person. But as Rush Limbaugh described, Suprun hired two PR firms:

…“Fenton Communications has…” That’s the other PR firm. They have done work, they’ve done public relations work for Marxist dictators and Cindy Sheehan.  So these are the two PR firms the guy has hired to sort of navigate the storm here.

It’s true, Suprun confirms that right at his current Twitter account about the second one. This Fenton:

The irony is breathtaking.

  • an electoral college member who is now revealed as having credibility problems was questioning the credibility and/or truthfulness of Donald Trum
  • this electoral college member hired a PR firm which perpetuated the myth that Ross Gelbspan was a Pulitzer winner
  • the PR firm deleted one of its own web pages about the return of a former worker who had just left the employment of Al Gore
  • proponents of Gore’s ‘settled science’ issue of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) are suggesting that Donald Trump’s people might start deleting data which proves CAGW true.
  • people within the pro-global warming movement have already been caught advocating the deletion of email correspondence about the kinds of data they did not want to share with critics in the first place.

This is just the small picture. Consider how President Obama said his “is the most transparent administration in history“, while his Environmental Protection Agency director was caught using a fake name email address, in a larger situation in which she responded to Freedom of Information Act document requests with heavily redacted material, and while his Secretary of State apparently operated a private email server which was not abiding by US government requirements to preserve documents.

I have a specific category titled “Information burial” here. If the mainstream media had a similar such category through deep examination of events, it is quite possible that the outcome of the 2016 presidential race would have been so completely different that Texas elector Chris Suprun would have never achieved any degree of notoriety necessitating him to hire a PR firm at all.