Bill Gray on Personal Attacks, at

I’ve been privileged to have guest posts by Lord Monckton, Drs Willie Soon and Patrick Michaels and Jonathan DuHamel here at GelbspanFiles regarding character assassination efforts against people who dare to question the certainty of man-caused global warming. Today I link to “The Practice of Personal Attacking Global Warming Skeptics – Rather than Responding to Their Scientific Criticisms”, a guest post at Tony Heller’s blog by Dr William Gray, where Dr Gray offered this bit in a longer story:  “Why are the warmers so afraid to have open and honest discussion about the basic nitty-gritty assumptions of their AGW hypothesis?  I think it is because they well know (but will not admit) that the science behind the AGW hypothesis is ripe with conceptual errors and, in the long run, be proven to be wrong.” Continue reading at —–>