Watch this space: “Flipping Daubert: Putting Climate Change Defendants in the Hot Seat”

For the latest readers arriving to this blog for the first time, I periodically have short descriptions of upcoming material under the “Watch this space” title. Up next, a student lawyer wrote an award-winning essay on how to get skeptic climate scientist expert testifiers excluded from global warming lawsuits … and you’ll never guess who he relied on for the accusation about ‘industry-paid skeptics,’ along with who some of his other ‘evidence’ citations are. That’s a hint, regarding an assortment of names I’ve already mentioned here in connection with the 20+ your smear of skeptics.

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The Repeaters vs the Pushers

I’ve said it many times, the entire global warming crisis can be boiled down to a three point mantra, “the science is settled” / “skeptics are industry-corrupted” / “everyone may ignore skeptic material because of points 1 & 2.” With the latest fixation on using racketeering laws to persecute companies and organization siding with skeptic climate scientists, a fourth talking point could be added, “when deniers persist with their industry-bought and orchestrated lies, they should be charged with crimes against humanity.” But the entire notion hinges on the insinuation that scientists who had even the most tenuous financial tie to industry donations were corrupted – paid to lie in a manner no different than shill ‘experts’ working for the tobacco industry who said smoking didn’t cause lung cancer. An insinuation so memorably compelling that ordinary citizen enviro-activists can regurgitate it with ease. Continue reading