How to (not exactly) Speak at ICCC9

For those of you who are first-time readers of my blog here as a result of somehow seeing my presentation at the ICCC9 Climate Change Conference, either in person, or by viewing the video* (*see below for different YouTube link), or simply meeting me there, welcome! I’m glad you are here. As anyone can see just a short time into my talk, I’m not a trained speaker. However…….… if you want polished speakers regurgitating talking points planted into their heads which the speakers themselves never dare to question, look no further than Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. And I do mean really worn-out old talking points, I pointed straight to one of those in my March 17, 2014 blog post at item #31 where I detailed the speaker’s ignorance of his errors.

Regarding my own presentation two days ago, my opening point was to inspire the audience to ask tough questions like I do, even if they have no science expertise, and I was going to follow that with a brief mention of how ordinary citizens know what contradictory climate science assessments look like and how their growing knowledge about those increasingly undermines the stability of the idea of man-caused global warming. I’d planned to also mention how our pro-global warming friends must view skeptic scientists and skeptic organizations as a very annoying irritation, but they probably fear the general public the most, over the looming potential of the public losing faith in talking points about ‘settled science’ and ‘corrupt skeptic climate scientists’ that become too preposterous to accept.

Trouble is, my memory of that particular bit utterly seized up on me despite all efforts to shake it loose, so I had to proceed with the rest of my talk. The one or two cells holding that thought hostage in the recesses of my brain let it loose an hour or two later. Funny how that works.

To save some time for anyone curious about it, my reference to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer suffering from a similar brain freeze is here (along with handy tips to recover from one), while my next reference to Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano’s participation in the Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade plan was actually the topic of my first online article, back in 2008. As for my favorite punching bag, the PBS NewsHour, don’t even get me started on their as-yet unexplained bias problem, I continue to beat them up about that.

Stay tuned for my next short blog post here on a two week-old development concerning my funding, which very nicely eases my worries while conversely and very happily worsening the position of anyone on the IPCC / Al Gore side of the issue who is enslaved to the talking point that illicit money buys a skeptic’s opinion. After that will be more blog posts on the way the Gelbspan-Gore accusation against skeptic climate scientists falls apart. Those fellows and their associates are a bizarre gift that never stops giving. As I analogized in my January 28, 2014 blog post, I’d prefer that the folks on the IPCC / Al Gore side not think of my material as coming sledgehammer-style, but like a pile driver.

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Thank you for your support and interest!

* 7/23/14 Author’s note update: See this YouTube link for the version with just my part of the presentation, where my moment of brain fade was edited out to make the presentation flow better. As I mentioned in my July 1, 2013 blog post, I don’t make significant deletions without disclosing them.