I am Funded for another Year. Plus, the Visual-Audio Analogy I wish to Instill in my Critics’ Minds

I already disclosed last year in the “About” tab here how I am funded with a strings-free poverty level grant. Its time span is about to end, but I will have a new one for this year at exactly the same amount, unless my benefactors choose to add a bit to it later. Folks on the Al Gore side of the issue have been too quick from the inception of this whole mess to insinuate skeptics are paid to lie and spread misinformation. In my particular case, folks hoping to use that insinuation against me would do so at their own peril.

The reason it would fall apart is because I started doing what I’m doing years ago, with no instructions from anyone and no payment from anyone. I happen to get enough now to barely pay my living expenses because someone out there approves of what I do. A possible loss of this money is not what drives me to continue doing what I’m doing, such a situation would only slow me down since I’d have to get a part-time job just to survive. If I had no scruples and only hoped to enrich myself, I would have joined the Gore side long ago.

I’m big on using the word “appear”, and from all I’ve seen so far, the accusation of skeptic climate scientists as industry shills is not only baseless, it has every appearance of being a consolidated effort by enviro-activists having suspect ties to Al Gore during his Vice Presidency. So these folks are faced with basically three options:

  1. Get their act together after nearly two decades and finally produce conclusive evidence to back up their accusation
  2. Realize they cannot back up what they say and start destroying evidence of their efforts while covering up inconvenient associations
  3. Or, as I suggested in December, they need to start coming clean about the invention of the accusation, with due consideration of which among their group will be the first to squeal on the others….

The inconvenient details I point to which increasingly undermine the notion that skeptic climate scientists are paid industry shills will continue unabated at this blog and elsewhere. Not so much in sledgehammer fashion…… more like a pile driver. Harder and relentless.