by the way… Where’s My Exxon Check?

Small personal item today, concerning those who might attempt to say my blog and other writings are ‘what a paid shill does for the fossil fuel industry’.

It’s tax season again, and the thing that’s new for me this time around is how to deal with the way my income changed last year (details of which I fully disclosed twice now, here and here.) Earlier today, I spent a couple of hours perplexing a volunteer tax preparer with my stings-free grant IRS form. No way on Earth I could afford paying a professional tax preparer, you see.

I can’t say that I’ve personally seen the IRS forms that skeptics file, but I have met with four such guys in person, and it was quite obvious to any reasoning person that they were not swimming in the ocean of money they’re purported to swim in. I do know exactly what my own bank account and IRS tax form show, and not one member of the enviro-activist community is likely to trade financial positions with me. Unless they happen to be literally homeless. Meanwhile, if the skeptics I know are willing to throw their scruples out the window, they’d be more than happy to trade places with the former head of Greenpeace USA any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

So, a li’l advice for anyone thinking the ‘fossil fuel industry corruption accusation’ might marginalize what I do: It would be wiser to seriously contemplate the mathematical certainty I mentioned back in December for the impending collapse of that accusation, and time will be far better spent working out ways to backpedal away from the accusation altogether and anyone who initially pushed it. The time is approaching when folks are going to start turning on each other over who was the first to invent the accusation, and it won’t be a comfortable place to be on the inside of the situation looking out.