My Funding Update… but what happens if Billionaire Tom Steyer Tops It??

First and foremost, I’m a full disclosure guy, and since my blog here concentrates on how everything surrounding the faulty notion that illicit funding ‘corrupts’ skeptic climate scientists, I’m compelled to mention the recent change to my own funding. However, this is also a can’t-miss opportunity to put that entire enviro-activist notion to the ultimate test, with an outright challenge to billionaire Tom Steyer to consider a far more chancy gamble than the $100 million he’s pledged toward Senate and gubernatorial races that “attack climate-change deniers” – a gamble that either makes or totally busts the two decade-old accusation that skeptics are paid to lie and spread misinformation. Continue reading

How to (not exactly) Speak at ICCC9

For those of you who are first-time readers of my blog here as a result of somehow seeing my presentation at the ICCC9 Climate Change Conference, either in person, or by viewing the video* (*see below for different YouTube link), or simply meeting me there, welcome! I’m glad you are here. As anyone can see just a short time into my talk, I’m not a trained speaker. However……. Continue reading

Small News Update

For those who might have bookmarked this blog but otherwise don’t follow my news at my Twitter pages or my Facebook page, I have been invited to participate as a panel speaker at the upcoming July 7-9 Ninth International Conference on Climate Change.  I’ve also wrapped up a written piece relating to my work on the basic history of the ‘industry-corrupted skeptic climate scientists’ accusation, I’ll place a link to it in my Archive section when it becomes available. Now, just past the one-year anniversary of this blog, I can get back to concentrating on placing more posts here. Entertaining what can be found, when a person goes digging.

I am Funded for another Year. Plus, the Visual-Audio Analogy I wish to Instill in my Critics’ Minds

I already disclosed last year in the “About” tab here how I am funded with a strings-free poverty level grant. Its time span is about to end, but I will have a new one for this year at exactly the same amount, unless my benefactors choose to add a bit to it later. Folks on the Al Gore side of the issue have been too quick from the inception of this whole mess to insinuate skeptics are paid to lie and spread misinformation. In my particular case, folks hoping to use that insinuation against me would do so at their own peril. Continue reading

Holiday Wishes, and a suggestion

The holidays and a medical complication with a relative of mine are probably going to slow up my process of putting out blog pieces over the next two or three weeks, so I’ll take this brief time to sincerely wish those who read this a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Happy Winter Solstice and other applicable celebrations. And in the spirit of good will toward our fellow citizens that the holiday season inspires, …… Continue reading